I don't know how I'm going to get through this blog post. Most of my blog posts are very open, crude even, when it comes to looseness of tongue. Fuck this, shit that, you know. But it's Ramadan now and bad language is one of the things I'm trying to cut out of my life.…Read more Thots


Devil’s Threesome and Other Thoughts

I'm watching Chuck season 2 episode 9 right now. I just sneezed. My neck is sore, I've got a back ache, three bruises, cuts, redness, and a jammed finger. All this from two tree climbs, two days of jiu-jitsu, and 2 am nights. If I were a decent writer I'd minimize the Amazon Prime tab and focus…Read more Devil’s Threesome and Other Thoughts

A Theoretical Suicide Note

The idea came to me as I argued, for the millionth time it seems, with my mother. About an hour ago we were an hour into a verbal escapade surrounding the oh-so-evil taboo of college-sponsored parties. Despite the ~2 hour exchange, Yours Truly remains forbidden by Them of this absolutely heinous misdeed of fun. So yeah, the Brown Redneck thought…Read more A Theoretical Suicide Note