Don’t Thank Them, Help Them

Featured image is from Google: it's the real life SGT Adam Schumann welcoming home Miles Teller's portrayal.  Well I've obviously just watched this film. Superb cinematography and direction, B+/A- acting, and decent plot. The trailers were super misleading; they focused on the five whole minutes of action in the movie rather than the main message…Read more Don’t Thank Them, Help Them


BJJ Stuff

Last Saturday I competed in jiu-jitsu, after 2 years. Only had 1 fight because I'm too skinny and decided not to do gi. Also because my "absolute" division fighter decided not to show up. Also about to get a new gi. InshaAllah, the gray War Tribe Gear "Reaper." Katy BJJ store website is finally up…Read more BJJ Stuff