Devil’s Threesome and Other Thoughts

I'm watching Chuck season 2 episode 9 right now. I just sneezed. My neck is sore, I've got a back ache, three bruises, cuts, redness, and a jammed finger. All this from two tree climbs, two days of jiu-jitsu, and 2 am nights. If I were a decent writer I'd minimize the Amazon Prime tab and focus…Read more Devil’s Threesome and Other Thoughts


0130, 01282018

I'm 80% about to fall in love with her again, 50% of the time. Today was a slow day. Slept late, woke up late, ate late, and started productivity late. I spent an hour and a half watching moose hunting and SHOT Show videos, an hour and a half that I could've spent doing math…Read more 0130, 01282018