BJJ: Back at it!!

Went back to Katy BJJ yesterday after..about a month a half, methinks. It was awesome. Got a new guy, Sam, who's my age, and actually did some self-defense for a change. My coach is very sport-oriented, and up until yesterday, I didn't really know he had a self-defense side. We did some choke defense, punch-block…Read more BJJ: Back at it!!


Jiu-Jitsu and Weapons in TV/Movies

Note: this one may be a bit long. Was watching Hawaii Five-O on Netflix earlier today, and absolutely tripped towards the end of the episode. Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, one of the main characters, is thrown into a street-guard situation, and "night-night"s his attacker using a triangle choke armbar. I swear, I jumped up and…Read more Jiu-Jitsu and Weapons in TV/Movies