Don’t Thank Them, Help Them

Featured image is from Google: it's the real life SGT Adam Schumann welcoming home Miles Teller's portrayal.  Well I've obviously just watched this film. Superb cinematography and direction, B+/A- acting, and decent plot. The trailers were super misleading; they focused on the five whole minutes of action in the movie rather than the main message…Read more Don’t Thank Them, Help Them


A Theoretical Suicide Note

The idea came to me as I argued, for the millionth time it seems, with my mother. About an hour ago we were an hour into a verbal escapade surrounding the oh-so-evil taboo of college-sponsored parties. Despite the ~2 hour exchange, Yours Truly remains forbidden by Them of this absolutely heinous misdeed of fun. So yeah, the Brown Redneck thought…Read more A Theoretical Suicide Note