This started off as a Journalism assignment in sophomore year. Now it’s purely to practice my writing and get things off my mind, no matter what it be.

Lately it’s been sexual and religious…wow that’s not contradictory at all (#Muslim #celibate). But that’s what adolescence is: a series of contradictions entrapped in contraptions of our own common sense, or lack thereof.

It gets political at times. It gets FREEDOM-y sometimes (guns or patriotism, which are basically the same thing). There are some older assignments of mine, some poetry and philosophy and jiu-jitsu mixed in. I hunt and shoot so that is in the mix as well.

I’m unapologetic in who I am. However, I apologize, to an extent, if my content offends you. I am politically incorrect and throw shade. Also I’m vulgar!



Disclaimers: Almost none of the pictures are mine and come from a quick Google Search. However, all the content is solely mine (circa 2017) and I don’t plagiarize so I expect you not to, except in the case of reblogging or sharing.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mashallah brother from another mother. Dis blog is more like a log! I be reading this and man my mind is blown away. Keep up da good work. And I agree with Sr. Gabby: the title is A1!!!!!
    -Kyle Ann Conway


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