Lessons on Lessons on Lessons

"I'm way up I feel blessed." I'm a firm believer that God's plan is the best plan. This spring break has thus far been absolutely dope, with almost 1700 miles clocked in my car with my dad and uncle. Visited a bunch of friends and family and have been having a ton of fun in…Read more Lessons on Lessons on Lessons


Sometimes abstinEnce is eXcruciating

'I get those Goosebumps every time.'   In Islam, many things that are of the societal norms of the United States and western cultures are considered taboo, and ever forbidden. The biggest of which being the openness of relationships and interaction between males and females, and sexuality in general. Though I'm neither a hoe nor…Read more Sometimes abstinEnce is eXcruciating


*SPOILERS ALERT for LOGAN*** While playing 21 Questions yesterday, someone asked me what my political views were and I said that "partisanship is the end of governance." Yesterday I watched V for Vendetta, and basically thought, huh, Donald Trump's America... Tonight I watched Logan, the smashing--pun intended--finale to the X-Men franchise and the death of Wolverine (sorry if you've not seen it…Read more Politicizing


They're not really muses per se, but just stuff going on in my mind.   I was literally, just moments ago, recommended to start blogging again. I don't know that I will, but I'm doing this right now because I don't feel like being a responsible Quran student at the moment, and it beats my…Read more Muses