So, after that last blog post, I went to go watch Furious 7 in the theater. Of course, the Fast & Furious franchise is comprised of the 3 Gs: gaaris, girls, and guns.

Gaari is the Urdu word for car. The ‘s’ signifies plural. Hinglish FTW…

Anyway, the cars were awesome. Especially the Abu Dhabi cars. The girls were…um…well, for lack of a better word, sluttier than any of the previous movies. The situation of watching those scenes with El-Padre was an awkward one.


Shaw’s automatic weapon with a grenade launcher. Forgot to mention it.

And the guns. Cliche as hell. Your African mercenaries with their Kalashnikovs, The Rock with his .44 Magnum revolver, and Paul Walker (RIP) with his Glock, MP5K, and I think an M4. Of course, the US soldiers had their M9s and M4s. Only thing new that I saw was Toretto’s side-by-side, sawed-off shotgun. Interesting.

Also, Jason Statham seemed to be deranged with a weird love/fetish for grenades. And his sniper was awesome, but cliche again, since it seemed to be a Barrett.

Speaking of the Brit, the fight scenes in the movie had some Jiu-jitsu, some tae-kwon-do, and MMA style fights. Jason Statham and Ronda Rousey train MMA, which automatically means they used some BJJ. In the Jason Statham vs Vin Diesel fight scene, Statham briefly has Vin in an omoplata situation when he’s thrown onto the hood of the car. However, he wasn’t in a good position for it (Vin on ground, Jason on car’s hood), and the fights were hella fast-paced, so they ended that.

I’m surprised to see Bryan not  do any jiu-jitsu-ish stuff. The FBI and police kind of incorporate it into their training systems. And the Oriental guy he was fighting? You’ll never see that in a real fight. The super high performance/show kicks he uses would fail in a real street fight. SMH.

I was very glad to see Ronda Rousey’s fight. They basically movie-ified her UFC fights: the judo, the MMA strikes, and the jiu-jitsu triangle were all eminent of her fighting style.

Quick note: in Fast 6, the Army Traitor chick vs Letti in the subway/underground has jiu-jitsu as well. The Army/Traitor chick pulls and successfully completes an armbar. But somehow Letti gets out.

That’s all I have for this post. I think I’m gonna write a poem now. lol

Plub. Glub. Rub a dub tub.


6 thoughts on “Furious 7; More BJJ & Guns

    • I’m going to have to agree with you on that one. I just can’t see what all the rage is about this movie. I guess it has some pretty good actors, nice cars, and a dead guy that isn’t dead in the movie so…

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  1. Aw man, y’all be disrespecting Paul Walker’s memory!
    On a serious note, they’re great movies. I believe this was the last in the franchise, and remember Deathly Hollows Part II? Or the last Twilight movie? Just like those, this franchise–albeit one of the most successful–has a huge following. Those with interests in particular fields, like guns or fighting or cars, would appreciate the movie more. Feel free to ask me what you don’t understand :).


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