New Hobby: Cricket!

During the ICC WCC 2015 (cricket World Cup, short version lol), my dad and his friends--some of whom are my friends' dads and my friends as well--gathered together at each other's houses whenever their team, the old, lazy, out-of-shape team of none other than the one and only Pakistan, would play. Pakistan played miserably for…Read more New Hobby: Cricket!


Furious 7; More BJJ & Guns

So, after that last blog post, I went to go watch Furious 7 in the theater. Of course, the Fast & Furious franchise is comprised of the 3 Gs: gaaris, girls, and guns. Gaari is the Urdu word for car. The 's' signifies plural. Hinglish FTW... Anyway, the cars were awesome. Especially the Abu Dhabi cars. The…Read more Furious 7; More BJJ & Guns

Jiu-Jitsu and Weapons in TV/Movies

Note: this one may be a bit long. Was watching Hawaii Five-O on Netflix earlier today, and absolutely tripped towards the end of the episode. Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, one of the main characters, is thrown into a street-guard situation, and "night-night"s his attacker using a triangle choke armbar. I swear, I jumped up and…Read more Jiu-Jitsu and Weapons in TV/Movies