Dual/3-in-1 Poem: Rain

Rain The humidity rises.           --the process of evaporation begins. Dark clouds form and gather.           --followed by the omen of rain: condensation. They fall, slowly at first, then fast, perfect droplets given shape by gravity.           --heavenly showers or torrential rain; precipitation's all the…Read more Dual/3-in-1 Poem: Rain


More to come: poetry and hunt, tournament

Hey y'all. Salam alaykum. Just a heads up on what to come. I've written a couple of poems for English and, if I do say so myself, they're pretty good. One is a 3-in-1 poem and the other is a narrative. Also, I have a hunt to write about! Yes, I went hunting on Sunday and will share…Read more More to come: poetry and hunt, tournament