Happy Lies

Eudaimonia. Happiness. Fulfillment. Flourishing. Prosperity. Aristotle, despite the nonsensical lecture notes in which this concept arises, really whipped up a frenzy with this one. Dumbed down, he says that human beings desire happiness in life and then painstakingly breaks down the different definitions and means to those different ends and pretty much everything that could…Read more Happy Lies


The Journey Begins

My friend just started his blog. Support him if you will!

The (Mis)Adventures of an Army Cadet

Thanks for visiting!

This blog will be the result of my random tirades, shower thoughts and occasional observations.  I do my best to not create word soup, but make no promises.

I hope you enjoy the progression of my thoughts through life and are entertained by the preview of what’s inside my head.

While this remains a hobby of mine, I will try to dedicate a great amount of effort in maintaining regular updates or posts.


Sometimes the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze…

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Juxtaposing Me with Me

"I just realized that I am unironically Dwight Schrute from The Office. Like, nobody likes me and I'm a weirdo. I guess that's kind of what [name] was hinting at: 'stop being a weirdo.' But I'm a weirdo and I own it! And I know I'm supposed to have people like but I don't really…Read more Juxtaposing Me with Me